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A VOLUNTEERING OPEN DAY will be held at Epping Museum on Sat, 4th March 2023 at 11am. Come and ask us questions.


Epping Museum only has a small number of volunteers and they are working hard to enhance the Museum for the enjoyment of all our visitors. We really do need more volunteers now the Museum is becoming a popular place to visit. Come and see how you could help preserve a piece of London Underground history.

If you have specialist skills or if you can do DIY - we need you! If you have some railway experience then even better, but all are welcome.

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There are many small jobs that you could help us with. We need painters; electricians; people who can put up shelves; do small bits of woodwork; water the plants; hang pictures; crack some bad jokes; install telecoms; keep the weeds down; paint a tube train; keep cobwebs at bay; take turns making tea; clean the windows etc. We need you! No special skills are needed for most jobs and we have most of the tools.

Dab hand with a screwdriver or power tools?  We need you!

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We also need volunteers to show our visitors around the Museum. If you have a London Underground background then you're ideally placed to explain our exhibits and the behind the scenes equipment we display.  But don't worry if you've no railway training - we can take you through all the things you'll need to know, and more, giving you the confidence to explain the artefacts to even our most inquisitive visitors! If you're a 'people-person' this is definitely the role for you!  We need you!

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