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2024 - The year of Anniversaries

Time passes at an alarming rate!  2024 marks many anniversaries in the history of Epping Signal Cabin, Locomotive L11 and the surrounding railway. 

This page is dedicated to the countless workers and all the volunteers, past and present, who played their part in forging the history of what is now Epping Signalling Museum.  To everyone who has helped over the years we wish you Happy Anniversaries and the hope of many more to come.

 75 Years Ago: 
 the line to Epping was electrified
1949 London Transport opened Epping signal cabin
 60 Years Ago: 
1964 Locomotive L11 was created as a shunting locomotive at Acton Works
 30 Years Ago: 
1994 London Underground closed the Epping to Ongar line
 20 Years Ago: 
2004 Epping-Ongar line reopened as a preserved railway 
2004 Locomotive L11 arrived at Epping Museum
 10 Years Ago: 
we join Facebook and set up our website
2014 the project to restore Epping Signal Cabin started
  5 Years Ago:  
 the Museum held its Official Opening ceremony
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