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Central Line Rolling Stock

These are some of the trains which have run past our Epping Signal Cabin since the line was electrified as far as Epping in 1949.

1960 Stock 2.png

Parent Group to Epping Signalling Museum, CHT has taken a 3 car Cravens into preservation.

1935-Stock cropped.jpg

The forerunners to the 1938 stock, these experimental trains were nicknamed 'Sputnicks' by their drivers because 'they went like a rocket'.

Cravens at Debden after morning peak.jpg

Only two Cravens sets still exist, one in preservation owned by CHT, the other still runs over the network as a Track Recording Vehicle

1986 Red Stock.png

Three new trains were tested to replace the aging 1962 stock. The red one shown here was the Metro-Cammell / BREL venture.

Standard stock.png

Built between 1923 and 1934, some of these workhorses remained in service for over 60 years. Our locomotive L11 is made from two driving cars.

London_Underground_1959_Stock cropped.jpg

1959 Stock

Destined to eventually work the Piccadilly line, 1959 stock were temporarily deployed on the Central until the 1962 stock came onstream

1962 Stock.png

A daily sight on the Central Line for over 30 years and then subsequently to be seen on the Northern Line.

1992 Stock.png

The current trains in service on the Central Line. There are 85 complete 8 car sets. The one shown here is at Theydon Bois, one stop down from The Museum

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