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The Museum

The downstairs room underneath the main operating room with the lever frame is known as the Relay Room. When the cabin was operational there were approaching 300 relays (electrically operated switches) all chattering away in that room in response to the levers being pulled above.

The room now is the main area where we display the various artefacts and exhibits. We have retained a representative selection of relays which are still operated by the levers above in response to our computer controlled signalling simulator.


The large relays were officially named ''glass enclosed relays" but picked up the name 'fish tank relays' for rather obvious reasons!  Different coloured cases signified different functions. The smaller relays on the left are common across all railways, many still being in use in Network Rail signal boxes

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The main Museum is a treasure trove of London Underground artefacts. So visitors can see how train drivers (official name 'Motormen') used to drive and the changes that happened to the controls they used eg the 'deadman's handle', we have the control desk from both 1962 and 1972 tube stock.

Another artefact we have is an original sign from a station that closed in 1920 and much later on, reopened -  Wood Lane  (formerly on the Central Line but now on the Circle / Hammersmith & City line).

There are illuminated signals and tunnel telephones which wouldn't look out of place in an episode of 'Upstairs, Downstairs'. Add in maps, diagrams, station signs, clocks, train program machines and a guard's panel etc etc and there's something of interest for all ages. 

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