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Epping Signalling Museum has partnered with RAILCAM.UK to bring you two LIVE video feeds of the Central Line trains that pass our signal cabin every few minutes. If you’ve not heard of Railcam before, they have cameras placed trackside up and down the UK as well as on the continent. To see a camera feed through Railcam, all you need to do initially is to join them through their website using a username and password you create. This is enough to give you access to a wide range of trackside cameras which are free to view. Our view of Epping station is free! To get access to the full range of cameras including the view from our Cabin towards Theydon Bois, you do have to become a subscriber for a modest monthly or annual fee.

The snapshot shown here is of a Central Line train just pulling into Platform 2 of Epping station. Try viewing live when it's getting dark - the electrical arcing from the trains current collector shoes is amazing!


This view is the same as can be seen from the signal cabin, on which the camera is mounted. Why not pay our cabin a visit and experience it in person?

The bright yellow locomotive seen on the left of the picture is the restored L11 (see our Locomotive L11 page for details).

Railcam view 2.png
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