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Much has been achieved by our small group of dedicated volunteers. We have been able to transform Loco L11 from a rusting hulk of metal into something quite special. When the weather allowed, our hardworking team removed all the old flaking and discoloured paint, filled rust holes, primed, undercoated and top coated every inch of metal. 

The former Relay Room, now our Museum display area, is undergoing renovation too. Additional items are being added to the existing wide range already on display; storage cupboards and doors; better signage for the exhibits etc. We are even building a new signal frame which can be remotely operated by compressed air!  Could you help?

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There was a huge heap of scrap just inside the gate.  It's gone - all 3 tons of it!! We have now remodelled the whole area in front of L11 to include a fenced walkway which allows visitors to safely watch the points throw as part of the signalling demonstration. Together with a new viewing platform this has transformed our visitors experience from the moment they arrive at the Museum.  More improvements could be made - can you help?

Our visitor numbers increased steadily throughout 2023, encompassing local families all the way through to experienced train operators and signallers. We've also had visits from societies and even London tourist groups all looking for that 'something a bit different'.

Are you a 'people person' who would consider becoming a guide, or perhaps learning how the lever frame works and take on the role of a demonstrator signaller? If you have already worked on the Underground or main line railway, your knowledge and skills could be invaluable.


This page only gives a flavour of all the tasks the volunteers perform. Why not come along and find out more? You can chat to the team working tirelessly (in between tea breaks) to bring this unique project to the public.


In the meantime, if you'd like to find out more, send us an email to:

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