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Much has been achieved by our small group of dedicated volunteers. We have been able to transform Loco L11 from a rusting hulk of metal into something quite special. The same goes for the signal cabin: in what was a completely empty shell after de- commissioning, there is now a fully functional track diagram driven by simulators and controlled by the fully reassembled from the ground up (literally!) 47 mini-lever, fully interlocked frame.

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But the work isn’t over by a long way. Now we are able to open to the public we need to complete the room where all the exhibits are on display. We need volunteers to erect timber shelving, help us with the painting, sort out articles and just general day to day maintenance. From the photo you may think it is complete - but you can’t see what’s behind the camera!

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And although L11 now has some smart new decking as seen in the adjacent picture, there are groundworks to finish, L11's roof is due for another coat of paint and the inside still needs renovating. There are so many interesting and varied jobs still to do, there is bound to be something to suit all tastes and skill levels. So why not come and join our friendly team of volunteers?

For volunteering enquiries:

Now we are receiving many more visitors have you considered becoming a guide, or perhaps learning how the lever frame works and becoming a demonstrator signaller? If you have already worked on the Underground or main line railway, your knowledge and skills could be invaluable. You can be assured of a warm welcome to the Museum on a Saturday to meet the team working tirelessly (in between tea breaks) to bring this unique project to the public, for them to enjoy and see how it used to be done. You may well find yourself enjoying it too!

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